Max has an important mission: find some frogspawn for his older brother. Together with his girlfriend Jesse he makes an adventurous journey along fields, farms and a forest, which eventually leads to his grandma’s home. On his journey through nature he’s accompanied by many animals chearfull songs.
Frogs & toads is a feature film.


Script and direction: Simone van Dusseldorp
Produced by Lemming film Leontine Petit, Joost de Vries
Starring: Nino den Brave, Whitney Franker, Juul Vrijdag, Georgina Verbaan, Remko Vrijdag, Quintis Risti.

Won The Audience Award for Best Film at the Kristiansland International Children’s Film Festival in Norway, Best Feature Film at the Duvircine Film Festival in Uruguay Audience Award at the International Youth Film Festival in Korea and Jury Award as a special mention from the children’s jury at Youth Nueva Miranda in Argentina Golden Film (more than 100.000 visitors)