The sudden death of his mum turns 8-year-old Nino’s life upside down. With his dad suffering from depression and his big brother in a street gang, Nino is left to his own devices. But Nino has a special talent: he can talk to animals. His pet rabbit Bobby offers him comfort, but when will Nino get his family back?

directed by Simone van Dusseldorp
screenplay Urszula Antoniak
starring Rowan Timmermans, Arend Bouwmeester, Koen de Graeve, Rifka Lodeizen and voices of
Ronald Goedemondt, Brigitte Kaandorp
Produced by Floor Onrust, Family Affair Films

Won Sh Jagdish Gandhi Special Jury Award in India
Best Film at the Swedish International Children and Youth Film Festival in Malmö
Best Children’s Film Cinekid Lion Jury Award for the feature film